Winter Wonderlands!

Here is the children’s incredible artwork from this week – I’m sure you will agree that they have worked super hard on it! We used paint blending, line drawing, chalky pastels and oil pastels to create these different effects.


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More writing from Class 4 writing club.

This week, we have been revising the features of journalistic texts. Can you find examples of sensationalism?

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Class 4 Able Writing club.

We have looked at another of Escher’s pictures. Some of us thought it was a mother communicating with her son; others that a young man was seeing his own future. What do you think?

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Terrific Totem Poles!

Inspired by our trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, here are some of our fabulous totem poles. We discussed the importance of colours, symbols and animals during the design process. We have also thought carefully about the story behind our totem poles, and are currently working on these in literacy. Hopefully they will arrive on the blog soon!

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Class 4 Able Writing Club

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Yorkshire Sculpture Park


Last week, class 3 had an awesome day at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, focusing on ‘Global Narrative’. Here are some photos of the day…stay tuned for some work based on this to come!



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Beautiful balloons

Here are some of our beautiful balloon paintings…we worked very hard on blending colours and creating gradual colour intensity and brightness! What do you think?

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Investigating magnets

Earlier this term, we investigated which objects and materials in our classroom were magnetic…we found that most of the metal objects were but plastic and wood were not.

Then we looked at whether different shapes and sizes of magnets affect how strong they are. We did this by investigating how many paper clips would stay attached in a line at once!

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Fabulous art work – Portraits

Here are class 3 working on their portrait drawing skills…portraits to come!

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Bugtastic Fun Day in the Foundation Stage

Our Bugtastic Day

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