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Star Wars craft

Posted by on January 19, 2018

Class 3 were so inspired by their Star Wars writing that we have created some paper collages of BB8 and R2D2.

Writing will be on the way soon…!

7 Responses to Star Wars craft

  1. Phoebe

    It was so cool doing collage bb8 and r2d2.Tthey are all lovely.

  2. Rhona

    This was so fun and all of the pictures turned out so AMAZING!!!

  3. Sophie and Oliver

    They are so, so cool. I wish I could make another.

  4. James and Harley

    Great art!

  5. Cerys and Rhona

    WOW we love your art class 3!

  6. Anahera and Alfie

    Wonderful collage class 3!

  7. Sienna

    They all looked amazing at the end

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